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I am a 25-year-old queer feminist addicted to video games and tv shows. I'm curious, compassionate, impulsive and apparently surprisingly talkative for an introvert. Most of the time either nervous, tired or ridiculously excited. Probably too open for my own good.

Besides obsessing over fictional characters and making picspams I enjoy solitude, painting, swimming in the sea, walking aimlessly, psychology, intimate conversations and science fiction.

This tumblr is dedicated mostly to fandom related stuff, my drawings and cute animals.

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I think a lot of people have trouble understanding transgender issues because they try to see themselves as trans, but come at it from the wrong direction. i.e. a cis woman tries to understand transness by going, “what if I felt like/wanted to be a man” when she should be approaching it as “what if I, a woman, was so easily mistaken for a man that I had to pretend to be one”,

And I think this is something to keep in mind and to explain away when trying to get these matters across to people who’re new to the idea.



cishet people be like NOOO U CANT USE THAT TERM TO DESCRIBE UR SEXUALITY/GENDER ITS MADE UP WORD!!! and then turn around and make up ridiculous terms like mancrush and guyliner and man-purse in order to keep their precious hetronormitive gender roles intact

The post I didn’t know I was waiting for